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Out of Rich Ferguson's personal working mental act come 9 more mind blowing effects.

Magic and Mentalism collide again. Rich reveals amazing effects with money, magazines, newspapers, playing cards, business cards, borrowed objects - plus forces, reveals and psychology.

If you are a beginner or serious working magician or mentalist, Rich reveals some of his favorite effects used to blow the minds of countless CEO's and celebrities around the world. More importantly, these effects cause spectators to rave about you after you leave. Now it's all yours. Let their mind be your playground...

Note: Buy Volume 1 and 2 at the same time and save $10 instantly. If "This is Mentalism" was geared toward those just getting into a mix of magic and mentalism, then "This is Mentalism 2" is geared toward more serious workers. Although everything is simple to learn, there are 9 killer effects using ingenious methods, patterns, psychology and secrets that have been staring right at us. If you know nothing about Mentalism, this is a gold mine. If you are a seasoned magician, This is Mentalism 2 has some some surprises for you.

From framing and strategy to choreography and clever set ups, we've revamped a couple classic ideas and shared some brand new ideas directly from Rich Ferguson's A-list material - never revealed before. Visions and Psychometry Prediction are worth the price alone.


Predict and draw two freely thought of items by random spectators.

• 100% impromptu, Instant reset/No reset required.
• Packs down small as you only need two business cards and a pen.
• Numerous tips and advanced version taught.
• Rich's favorite impromptu mind reading effect.
• Worth the DVD by itself. Simple and direct… as close to real mind reading you will ever get.

Three freely chosen predictions are written and placed into envelopes. The performer senses which envelope belongs to which spectator then predicts each content correctly.

• Uses ingenious set ups, choreography and psychology - no peeking through envelopes.
• Uses simple envelopes. No need for expensive gimmicks.
• Takes only a few seconds to set up.
• The spectator inserts their prediction and seals envelope.
• Looks like real mind reading.


Using a book, guess any freely chosen word or picture written or drawn by spectator.

• Instant reset and can be repeated.
• Takes seconds to set up for multiple uses.
• Foolproof and powerfully simple.
• You do not touch, tear or look at their drawing which they keep and hide from view.


Know any freely chosen word from a book! One of Rich's favorite old time secrets to creating custom book tests without any memorization or buying expensive gimmicks.

• Lets you customize and use books that fit your act or theme.
• A second method included.
• No reset required.

Discover chosen words, pictures or ads from borrowed magazines or newspapers. Rich has used this technique on major live television appearances.

• 100% impromptu.
• Plays big or small.
• Easy, self working with only seconds of set up.
• Gimmick will last forever.
• Force anything.

One of the very first concepts Rich ever learned in magic which he immediately altered nearly 15 years ago. Cards are placed facedown anywhere based on matching the color of four aces. You call them out before the spectator drops the card down! Cards are shown and verified along the way. In the end, all the cards match perfectly. Plays big to crowds at parties as everyone gets a chance to get involved.

• This version kills and is 100% impromptu.
• Play big or small.
• 100% impromptu with no reset.
• Highly memorable by clients.

Being that his name is "RICH", he's dabbled with a ton of money effects. This is one of his favorite mind reading or body language effects using a stack of bills. The serial numbers are verified to be different. The bills are mixed and any bill is chosen from the stack. You are able to read exactly what the numbers and letter are every time while all the bills are out of sight! This uses an ingenious idea that already exists in bills plus another layer with numbers and patterns Rich discovered years ago..

• There is no altering of bills or use of gimmicks.
• Perfect to use as a lie detection test, body language demonstration or as pure mind reading.
• Instant reset once bills are acquired or purchased - use forever.


Impromptu mind reading, psychometry effect or lie detector test effect using small, borrowed objects. Objects are mixed and hidden in a bag, bucket or hat. Unknown to the performer, the items are taken and hidden in the hands of several spectators. The performer is able to accurately tell who does and does not have the special item. One of the best, fool proof effects that allows you to learn and practice legitimate tells as you perform it. Some advanced versions are revealed during the teachings.

• Plays big while very easy to do.
• 100 impromptu.
• Can use all borrowed items, chips or coins.
• No reset required.

Using a wire as a divining rod, you let a spectator chose any FACE DOWN card. The face down card is removed and securely held by the spectator. The wire begins to undulate while held at the magicians finger tips. Then fire is used to cause the wire to make a prediction. The card then is revealed to match!

• Two effects in one.
• Uses a standard deck of cards with 5 second set up.
• Full effect uses "wiregram" wire available from Ellusionist
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  1. Summary

    Okayish, perfect for beginners
    As usual rich explains it very well!
  2. Summary

    This is really worth the price.
  3. Summary

    This is better than the 1st. It's Powerful, engaging, and fun. Buy this one.
  4. Summary

    Even better than the first one, I love these effects, very powerful and easy. Fun to do and makes your spectators' head hurt!
  5. Summary

    amazing mentalism tricks its worth the money
  6. Summary

    Darren brown trick here
  7. Summary

    Same as Mentalism 1 truly amazing
  8. Summary

    Rich's DVD's are excellent, and I'm not really disappointed I purchased this, but these effects are really not very good. Compared to Mentalism 1 and Tagged, I found the content here to be not worth the trouble.

    VISIONS: 2/5 -- Rich returns to openly doing magic in his pocket. I personally do not like this, spectators know you are doing something unfair when things go into a pocket.

    PSYCHOMETRY: 2/5 -- A variation on VISIONS that is much too long and convoluted for the payout in my opinion, requires more pocket magic.

    UNDERCOVER: 4/5 -- This is a classic method of doing a book test, and one of the better ones, so if you don't already know how to do it, Rich gives a great tutorial here.

    HIDDEN KEY: 4/5 -- Another great book test, an idea I hadn't ever thought of before. Requires no force, no page numbers, no stooges, really clean method. I don't like the idea of the mentalist having to hold the book during the word selection so I will modify this to a different technique.

    WAY OUT OF THIS WORLD: I don't want any card tricks in my act, so I skipped this one.

    RECOUNT: 3/5 -- I don't think this one is very practical. The payoff and reactions won't be worth the setup. You will not be able to pull this off on a determined or well attentive spectator.

    LIE TO ME: 2/5 -- This effect utilizes a technique I learned in grade school. I don't think anyone will be impressed with it.

    WIREGRAM EXTREME: 4/5 -- Another card trick, this one uses the Wiregram device, an amazing device, Rich's technique with it is really quite nice, and if I did card tricks this would be in my bag.
  9. Summary

    Mentalism for me is the strongest magic because people want to believe it! No one truly believes a card can really rise to the top every time but if you tell someone that you can read minds they will be on the edge of their seat. Rich offers so many ways to amaze and mystify with the simplest of tricks. I hope he comes out with a third DVD.
  10. Popular at a price

    Thanks Rich! The effects are simple to preform and or personalize. Unfortunately now two of my coworkers fear that I'm really in the head when ever I choose to be. Their a bit afraid of me now but it's so worth it. LOL

    Thanks again!