Throw by Luke Jermay

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The deck is spread and the spectator asked to name any card they see, before being cleanly squared and placed on the table. The deck is quickly riffled up the side and a single Joker expertly thrown into the side. The cards are immediately spread, and the face-up Joker and the card below it withdrawn.

Delaying for just a moment, the performer allows the tension to build, before turning the card over... sure enough, the performer has thrown the card with William Tell accuracy, piercing the deck and landing next to the single card named by the spectator.

In his first download with Ellusionist, Luke Jermay provides a relatively easy trick that will go beautifully with GRAB (Mark Calabrese) in a routine. Get it.

Format: Download
Duration: 27 Minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate

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  1. Summary

    At first, I was extremely disappointed with the method used by Luke, even tho I really liked the effect. That was because the effect has tiny setup which made it impossible to perform it impromptu with a borrowed deck (which is what I like about magic) until I remembered Mark Calabrese's The Seer and boom, everything clicked. If you combine the method of The Seer with Throw, you can perform this effect anytime, anywhere, with a borrowed deck. I loved it.
    I'll give it only 4 stars because of the method used and that you need some other product to make it into the perfect effect, but if you own the seer or DVS, this is a must.
  2. Summary

    I want to start by saying that if you downloaded Grab by Mark Calabrese, these two effects, Throw and Grab, make the most perfect pair. Now just about Throw: this effect is beautifully stunning. The only downside is this: you cannot really perform or practice it immediately after downloading. That's all I'll say without revealing anything. But after patiently waiting, the performance, psychology, and mechanics behind this trick are simple but fool everyone and leave them thinking that you are a true card handling master. Thank you Luke Jermay for teaching and sharing this amazing effect!
  3. Summary

    Great trick! If you are a beginner and are hesitant to buying this, don't be! Luke Jermay does an amazing job of explaining the different sleights used in the trick, and the hardest part of the trick is just practicing throwing the joker into the deck. I'm relatively new to magic, and I didn't have any trouble performing this. If you are new to magic and have a little bit of experience with a sleight of hand, this is a great trick for you.