Top Shot by Justin Miller

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Lennart Green’s ‘Top Shot’ is a knacky move that allows you to shoot the top card of the deck into the air to be caught by the other hand. Justin admits that this was one move that he didn’t dedicate the time to learn - but always wanted to perform. And with this brilliant adaptation - he does.

A card is chosen by a spectator and returned to the middle of the deck. With a snap of the fingers the performer explains that the card has jumped through the deck, and now rests at the very top. The top card is turned over… and is not the spectator’s card.

Confused, the performer picks up the card,
verifies that it’s not the one chosen, and places it back on top of the deck. With a second snap of the fingers, the card FLIES OFF THE DECK and into the performer’s outstretched hand. It’s slowly turned over to reveal… you guessed it - it has changed into the spectator’s chosen card.

You will fool yourself performing this in the mirror.
A seamless ending to an ACR, yet strong enough to stand all by itself. Top Shot will make its way into your regular arsenal right away. Download it Now.

Format: Download
Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 4 Minutes

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    It's a nice effect but I think they should mention that there's a gimmick involved, not everybody has it at home