Ellusionist supports U.S. service members with "Tricks for Troops" program

Ellusionist.com believes wholeheartedly in the men and women serving the United States in the armed forces -- especially those who are serving in dangerous combat zones, where even simply driving a truck can be a life-threatening activity.

Our troops lead spartan lives by working in extremely hazardous conditions without the comforts of home. The slightest, smallest thing, from a package of cookies to a deck of cards, can make life so much easier for them.

That's why Ellusionist is proud to participate in Operation Gratitude with "Tricks for Troops." Earlier this month, Ellusionist donated copies of the "How to Do Street Magic" DVD and some of our signature decks of cards for care packages to Operation Gratitude, a non-profit organization that assembles care packages for U.S. troops serving in combat zones across the world.

The DVD teaches simple, yet powerful and hard-hitting, magic tricks that can be done with objects readily available to soldiers. Watching and learning from the DVDs help pass downtime with a constructive activity that becomes much more engaging and involving than any other hobby. The ones who get those magic DVDs will also be given a special gift: The ability to break down barriers between other trooops and citizens of other countries.

"We hear from soldiers, marines and seamen about how a simple magic trick can go a long way," said Brad Christian, founder of Ellusionist.com. "We've heard stories about how magic was used by soldiers in Camp Victory to bond with Iraqi citizens. We've seen videos of soldiers performing for other soldiers, and watched those military audiences respond with energetic reactions. They completely forget about where they are and enjoy the thrill of magic."

Since its creation in 2001, Ellusionist.com has worked toward its own mission: Teaching people to create magic beyond belief. We believe in the power of magical moments shared with spectators, and encourage our customers to go as far as they can in making personal connections with their magic.

Operation Gratitude sends more than 100,000 care packages filled with entertainment items, snacks and personal letters of appreciation to U.S. service members in hostile regions. Its mission is to lift morale, bring smiles to their faces and express appreciation and support from American citizens. The organization will hit a major milestone on Dec. 19: It will ship its 500,000th care pacakage.