Why learn card manipulation? Simple: Because it's cool.

In the old days, manipulation was reserved for magicians and dealers. A fan here, a ribbon-spread there, and there you go. Sure, there are artists such as Jeff McBride who did incredible things with cards, but they were few and far between. Then De'vo vom Shattenreich and Jerry Cestkowski came along, and completely changed the game with Xtreme Card Manipulation.

This stuff will give you the ability to handle cards like you never dreamed you could. far different from magic tricks, it will turn your scrawny, wimpy fingers into beefcake, manly-man fingers capable of fanning, flipping, cutting and spreading in ways that defy gravity.

Like we said. It's cool.

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13 remarkable moves
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How to do Miracle Card Tricks

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Start Here - and get ready to make jaws drop.
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Xtreme Beginners 1 DL
Crucifyingly effective DVD set teaches manipulation...
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Long awaited underground ring manipulation DVD

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