Card Tricks

Though playing cards are believed to have originated in either China or the Middle East, the first card tricks were developed in Renaissance Europe, about the same time as the popularity of tarocchi was at its peak.

Many Renaissance painters and thinkers were also known for their card acumen. Masaccio performed a world-renowned ambitious card routine, and Leon Battista Alberti's second deal was as invisible as his mastery of true linear perspective. Leonardo da Vinci had a brilliant Triumph routine, where he would change a sfumato tarocchi deck into a chiaroscuro one. Even Brad Christian's ancestor, The Amazing Christiani, was legendary for his Vegas Tarocchi Card Cheat routine. A variation can be found here.

The Renaissance painters were so good at magic tricks that they had the rest of the world believing in their mystical powers. But then, along came Sir Francis Bacon, Sir Issac Newton and all their "science" and "natural philosophy," and ruined a really well-paying gig.

Card tricks have endured, however, because they are effin' cool. Even cooler than the word "effin'." And there's plenty of great card tricks on this page to help you blow a few minds with a deck of Bicycles.

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Stretch Cards image
Stretch Cards
Regular Price $29.95 Special Price $12.95
Their signed card... STRETCHED.
Pyro Wallet image
Pyro Wallet
Let the flame do the talking.
Quiver Card to Wallet image
Quiver Card to Wallet

Starting at $75

Hands down, the best card-to-wallet on the market
The Ghost System image
The Ghost System
Regular Price $19.95 Special Price $7.95
Melt ANY small object through your card box
Whom Deck image
Whom Deck
Regular Price $19.95 Special Price $7
Guess Who, Without Guessing
Clone  image
True signature duplication technology
Villain  image
Regular Price $24.99 Special Price $10
Rough + Smooth + Madison
OSYN image
Outrageous bill switch under test conditions
Iris by Lloyd Barnes image
Iris by Lloyd Barnes

Starting at $0

Bill through card.
The Seer by Mark Calabrese image
The Seer by Mark Calabrese
Daniel Madison NEVER leaves home without this
The Working Man image
The Working Man

Starting at $24.95

The Secret Guide to Getting Paid to Perform Magic
How to do Miracle Card Tricks image
How to do Miracle Card Tricks

Starting at $34.95

Start Here - and get ready to make jaws drop.
Madison Gamblers image
Madison Gamblers

Starting at $4.95

A never-before-seen concept in Gaff Playing Cards
Bold by Justin Miller image
Bold by Justin Miller

Starting at $29.95

See what performing ‘Bold’ magic can do for you
Lock Stock & Riot image
Lock Stock & Riot

Starting at $8

McKinnon at his natural best
Angle-Z image

Starting at $29.95

The Ultimate Showstopper - as seen on David...
The Gaff System image
The Gaff System

Starting at $1.95

15 Unbelievable Effects. 3 Superstars of Magic
The Advocate  image
The Advocate

Starting at $24.95

Available on DOWNLOAD now! 5 Stars.
Abyss Change by Justin Miller image
Abyss Change by Justin Miller
A beautiful, instant card change
Aftershock  image
Flash restoration of a card
Gamblers Cop by Daniel Madison image
Gamblers Cop by Daniel Madison
A Master Class on the Gambler's Cop
Move by Gianni Vox image
Move by Gianni Vox
Your Initials Jump From One Card To Another
Chaos Theory by Daniel Madison image
Chaos Theory by Daniel Madison
A Twisted Version of Triumph by Daniel Madison
Kaos Card Through Window image
Kaos Card Through Window
A card visually disolves through a glass window.
Indecent image
A card penetrates a ziploc bag, right before your eyes.
Crash Course 2: Ambitious Card image
Crash Course 2: Ambitious Card
Unparalleled teaching takes your card work to a...
Arcane Gaff image
Arcane Gaff

Starting at $3

A new era of gaffed card magic has come into view
Collective EP image
Collective EP
Best value: 3 beautiful tricks in one download
Fade by Chris Mayhew image
Fade by Chris Mayhew
In-the-hands 3 card monte that never stops kicking.
M5 Training image
M5 Training

Starting at $34.95

The only M5 Pro PK visual training on the market
Earbuds by Adam Wilber image
Earbuds by Adam Wilber
Fuse a cord through a signed card.
Confinement  image
Sealed pack of gum locks in chosen card
Crash Course in Sleight of Hand Card Tricks image
Crash Course in Sleight of Hand Card Tricks

Starting at $12.95

Perform explosive card magic easily
This is Mentalism 1 image
This is Mentalism 1

Starting at $29.95

Harness the power to read minds and predict the future
This is Mentalism 2 image
This is Mentalism 2

Starting at $9.95

Magic and Mentalism collide... again.
Guerilla Guide to Loops image
Guerilla Guide to Loops

Starting at $20

Visual Guide to Dynamic Loops Training
Shin Splint by Shin Lim image
Shin Splint by Shin Lim
Four Queens invert in the hands. One. By. One.
Stigmata image

Starting at $4.95

A spectators thought becomes engraved on your arm!
Inside Magic  image
Inside Magic

Starting at $8

A massive two video set jam-packed into one ONE DVD.
NINJA 1: Stealth Technique image
NINJA 1: Stealth Technique

Starting at $15

The defiant work that is 'flat out...
Ninja 2: Weapons image
Ninja 2: Weapons

Starting at $29.95

Get immediate results with the rare moves and heart...
Kard Klub image
Kard Klub

Starting at $4.95

Powerful card tricks, such as Two Card Monte and...
Change of Heart  image
Change of Heart
Shin Lim returns with TWO 'Blink and...
Mirror Force by Patrick Kun image
Mirror Force by Patrick Kun
Know their card, every time.
Box Monster image
Box Monster

Starting at $4.50

Box Monster - Nate Kranzo Unleash the beast in your...
Clip Spin by Mike Hankins image
Clip Spin by Mike Hankins
Change a card with every turn of the deck
Slider Double image
Slider Double
Eject multiple stacks of cards in one throw
Center Point image
Center Point
Chosen card leaps between jokers
Vector by Patrick Kun image
Vector by Patrick Kun
Killer haunted deck... impromptu
Trick Sharpie (Black)  image
Trick Sharpie (Black)
A normal Sharpie in every way but one
Search and Destroy Download image
Search and Destroy Download
Real magic happens in the spectators hands
Black Tiger Gaff Deck image
Black Tiger Gaff Deck
Regular Price $29.95 Special Price $5
Build whole routines using gaff cards
Black Tiger Invisible Deck image
Black Tiger Invisible Deck

Starting at $16.50

A crazy prediction of a thought of card

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