Coins & Money

So, bored with cards yet? You should get money with money.

It's one thing to do sleight of hand with playing cards. However, a deck of cards is almost made for sleight of hand, because there are so many of them with the same backs. If you really want to blow some minds, learn how to do coin magic and dollar bill magic.

Everyone -- well, most everyone, because the economy stinks right now -- has loose change in their purses, or bills in their wallet. Everyone is intimately familiar with cash. They know what it looks like, how it feels and sounds. So when you make it disappear, or alter the inks, or make it change into a higher denomination, the freaking-out will skyrocket like a bull market. We've all seen how everyone reacted to David Blaine performing Fraud.

If money magic isn't your thing, that's cool. But if you're looking for a new field of magic that gets great reactions, pick up a few of the gems on this page.