Revealing a chosen card, or making some sponge balls appear, that's one thing. But when you get in someone's head and read their thoughts, that REALLY freaks people out. Welcome to mentalism -- the world of the impossible.

These are the freaky magic tricks seen normally in scary movies. Words appearing on your skin, or someone else's; chosen cards showing up as ashes, blisters or who knows where; secret thoughts written on paper; pens and rings moving weightlessly; thought-of songs suddenly becoming ring tones on cell phones; even people getting mild electric shocks -- it's all here.

This field of magic is not for everyone. It's reserved for only those willing to put in the practice to get insane, crazy reactions, and to seal their reputations as shamans walking the earth. Without the hallucinogenic herbs.

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Hypnotic Pull image
Hypnotic Pull
Control Their Strength
Quiver image

Starting at $39

A leather pouch that switches for you.
Whom Deck image
Whom Deck
Guess Who, Without Guessing
Clone  image
True signature duplication technology
Villain  image
Regular Price $24.99 Special Price $19.95
Rough + Smooth + Madison
Electric Touch Plus image
Electric Touch Plus
Here’s your chance to bend the laws of nature
Stigmata Download image
Stigmata Download
A spectators thought becomes engraved on your arm!
SvenPad® image
Read anyone's mind.
Inside The Vault image
Inside The Vault
7 unique effects from the master of card magic
How To Be A Magician Kit image
How To Be A Magician Kit

Starting at $29.95

47 incredible tricks anyone can do
OSYN image
Outrageous bill switch under test conditions
Magix image
Can you use magic to seduce women?
The Seer by Mark Calabrese image
The Seer by Mark Calabrese
Daniel Madison NEVER leaves home without this
Card Wars App image
Card Wars App
The FREE smash-hit game for iPhone
City Prediction for iPhone image
City Prediction for iPhone
Insane Prediction App
DVS image
Calabrese's Dirty Little Secret
Gone image
The Invisible Deck Killer
How to do Miracle Card Tricks image
How to do Miracle Card Tricks

Starting at $10

Start Here - and get ready to make jaws drop.
Heritage image
Cheat without ever touching the deck
Nailed  image
Practical Metal Bending at the touch of a finger
Deep Shadows image
Deep Shadows
The London Mentalist's Ten Year Repertoire
Bison Bend image
Bison Bend
Two Coin Bends - at The Fingertips
Angle-Z image

Starting at $5

The Ultimate Showstopper - as seen on David...
Counting Crows image
Counting Crows
Exclusive to Members - No Charge
Chi Break Download image
Chi Break Download
A powerful effect that really does happen in their...
The Advocate  image
The Advocate

Starting at $24.95

Available on DOWNLOAD now! 5 Stars.
Tagged image
Getting a prediction onto a spectator's body is...
M5 SYSTEM Pro PK Psycho Kinetics Micro 5 Kit image
M5 SYSTEM Pro PK Psycho Kinetics Micro 5 Kit

Starting at $135.44

Move things at will. Vanish objects.
M5 Training image
M5 Training

Starting at $34.95

The only M5 Pro PK visual training on the market
Premonition iPhone App image
Premonition iPhone App
Predict the future. No one can. Until NOW.
This is Mentalism 1 image
This is Mentalism 1

Starting at $29.95

Harness the power to read minds and predict the future
This is Mentalism 2 image
This is Mentalism 2

Starting at $9.95

Magic and Mentalism collide... again.
Guerilla Guide to Loops image
Guerilla Guide to Loops

Starting at $20

Visual Guide to Dynamic Loops Training
Boondock Mental  image
Boondock Mental

Starting at $10

Punch-you-in-the-face magic that's easy and...
Stigmata image

Starting at $4.95

A spectators thought becomes engraved on your arm!
One by Matthew Underhill image
One by Matthew Underhill
Two hearts become One
Frixion Pen - Black image
Frixion Pen - Black
Make ink dissappear with heat.
 Super Bee Wax (DELUXE) by Uday image
Super Bee Wax (DELUXE) by Uday
Beeswax for thread magic
Black Tiger Svengali Decks image
Black Tiger Svengali Decks

Starting at $7.95

Svengali decks now available in the Black Tiger Deck...
Trick Sharpie (Black)  image
Trick Sharpie (Black)
A normal Sharpie in every way but one

Starting at $2

Hijack anyone's cell phone
Mindbender Card Bend - Download image
Mindbender Card Bend - Download
Make a card warp and bend without even touching it.
Gecko Extreme image
Gecko Extreme
Borrowed items vanish AND change instantly.

43 Items

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