Daniel Garcia

Ellusionist Artist


We'd like to take a few moments to clear up some misconceptions about street magic legend Daniel Garcia, or "DG," as the kids say:

Garcia has not created cold fusion, bested Chuck Norris in a nunchucks fight, used his Sharpie-catching skills rescue the people of a humble village, found the cure for cancer, been featured on Dancing With the Stars (he'd totally win if he was), was not with Paris Hilton when she did that one thing that one time, is not tabbed for a post in President Barack Obama's cabinet and is not the mystery man that led to the breakup between Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. If there ever was a mystery man. We don't read tabloids. Whatever.

However, Garcia has one of the most creative minds in magic today. His effects have inspired thousands -- he's made rubber bands, playing cards and dollar bills do incredible things. He has created card tricks performed by famous magicians, and has been a consultant for David Blaine. Fraud, Fallen, Guide to Loops, Ultragaff -- even the stuff that he says isn't very good is pretty effin' good.

You'll bust a gut while learning incredible sleight of hand from Garcia. And, unlike Tony Romo, he is on top of his game when Jessica Simpson is watching. Oh yeah -- we went there.

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