Rich Ferguson

Ellusionist Artist


Rich Ferguson may be one of the most accurately named magicians in history.

He's made his fortune with his unique brand of mentalism that is made especially for close-up, impromptu situations. Rich has built up an incredible career, performing for a lot of A-list stars and corporate clients. And he recently nailed an appearance on "The Ellen Degeneres Show" that left Ellen freaking out more than she usually does.

Tagged won iTricks' Trick of the Year after its release. Ferguson's This is Mentalism changed the game for making mind reading work on the street. The sequel, This is Mentalism 2, will feature even more of Rich's workers that he's kept close to the vest.

Making mentalism work usually requires an extremely controlled environment and a lot of training. Not Rich -- he works his magic in close-up situations, similar to the performance environments you'd experience. With minimal preparation and keen observation, you can walk into virtually anywhere and read people's minds like they were Little Golden Books. Check out his No Risk Poker from This is Mentalism. How can you NOT add that to your arsenal?

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