Under Control By Luke Dancy

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Get ready for a 2 card transposition with a thought of card that features one of the most deceptive controls we've seen.

Luke Dancy is back with a piece of mischief that allows you to control or switch a card out in the open. When Luke showed this to us we were all doing a double take because the move happens in the open, right under your eyes - but flies right past, undetected.

The performer casually places a single card, sight unseen, in his pocket and has the spectator name any card. 'Mis-hearing' their choice, the wrong card, the 'pseudo mate', is removed and cleanly left sticking out of the deck.

The performer is called out on their mistake, but continues - withdrawing the card previously placed in their pocket. It's the card that was just placed in the middle of the deck. The card that's been in full view, still sticking out of the deck is revealed - having changed into the card they named just moments ago.

In nine minutes of tuition, Luke teaches the 2 card transposition, provides a detailed description of the Under Control utility move and adds in a bonus routine where a thought of card makes a surprising appearance.

Under Control is so much more than just a routine, this is an exclusive look at a utility move that's sure to fool magicians and laymen alike.

Format: Download / Stream
Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 9 Minutes
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    This control is very smooth and elegant. Very easy to do and once you master this, you may fool yourself. Along with the control that Luke explains here, he teaches you a trick that him and DM came up with. He then teaches you how to use it as a switch out in the open. I love this control and is a real worker. I hardly add anything to my act, but this went straight in. Highly recommended.