uTurn by Marcus Eddie

Downloadable Video
uTurn is a very involved borrowed ring penetration through multiple layers of closed rubber bands. The beauty of it is that your spectator can hold their borrowed ring their entire time as the ring slowly shifts all the way up and down the ladder of bands.

In an unexpected twisted ending, the ring completely jumps off of the bands while the bands are still fully intact. All while your spectator is still holding their ring. No props, or gimmicks. Just their ring, your bands and a fantastic memory for your audience.

Difficulty: Beginner
Run-time: 25 minutes
Format: Download

Customer Reviews


    Jan 2014

    good move, very visual. need too much practice compared to the reactions

  • by Eduardo

    Dec 2013

    Fantastic method, easy to perform and super practical. AWESOME!!!

  • by eduardo cardenas

    Dec 2013

    One of my favorite effects to perform right now! buy it now!