The Vader Wallet by Matthew Wright

Shippable product and instructional download video.
A devastating 4-in-1 magic weapon created by the marvelous mind of Matthew Wright.

Why is the Vader Wallet so unique?

You’ll know that if you want to perform more than one trick with a wallet, you usually need to carry at least two or more different wallets... Not anymore.

The Vader Wallet is all encompassing. Seamlessly incorporating 4 time-tested magician favourite essentials into 1 wallet.

Built into a compact, hip-style wallet. Vader is perfect for Street & Stage.

This was designed for anyone that believes magic should be performed with ordinary objects. NO MORE ridiculous sized breast pocket wallets needed.

Crafted out of the highest grade leather, every intricate millimeter of stitching was integrated with thought and precision.

You're not fully dressed without it.

Get your Vader TODAY.

"If Batman did magic, this would be his utility belt."

- Lloyd Barnes


Card To Wallet
The Vader Wallet covertly hides an ALL NEW card-to-wallet load in the elegant & modern design.

Designed with the worker in mind, the peek is a stealth-like piece of beauty allowing you to obtain any information entirely guilt free.
Matthew has tested every single fire wallet on the market. For the Vader Wallet he took the best elements from each and combined them into the best fire wallet device ever made.

The unique VTS system allows you to create real moments of wonder for your audience as you levitate objects impossibly from you wallet and control them with ease.

If this wasn’t enough, we include over 2.5 hours of teaching including some of the strongest routines that we’ve ever seen.

Routines that tie every feature in the wallet together, tips on sleights, performing, history and so much more...

This may just be one of our favourite products we’ve ever presented to you at Ellusionist.

Get your Vader TODAY.

Format: Wallet + Digital Download
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Over 2.5 hours

Customer Reviews

  • by Jeff

    Mar 2017

    In short: It's not perfect, but it's still worth the money.

    Pros: Very, very high-quality leather, looks awesome, CTW and peek work like a dream, and the levitation system is a new, original, and downright ingenious implementation of a traditional device. When I first got it, I thought the way things were arranged inside was very odd and haphazard. The more I use it, though, the more I see how much genuine forethought and care went into its design. For instance, two compartments are alongside one another so that, after performing a signed CTW, you can immediately attach it to the levitation system and *float* it out to your waiting hand.

    There's a ton of cons I could list, though, and each and every one of them has to do the with fire gimmick. I love fire wallets, and was disappointed at the seemingly low quality in the gimmick you get for the price you pay. Not sure if it has to do with the fact that the one Wright uses in his excellent instructional video is different from the one I actually received, but either way, I've used much more reliable and durable systems that don't have a tendency to detach themselves from the wallet the way that the fire-retardant tape inside Vader does (have had to continually supplement it with various glues).

    That all being said, this is a "why didn't I think of that first?" product that the magic community has sorely needed for years without realizing it. As much as it may sound like marketing hype, this really IS the only wallet you need ever buy. For all the frustration that the fire gimmick has given me, I'll never go back to anything else. Still, I'd have gladly paid an additional $50 USD on top of the existing price to have the gimmick pre-installed (I don't see why anyone wouldn't want it in there to begin with, given how much of the total cost it represents).

    So, it's worth your money -- unless, that is, Matthew Wright can be persuaded to some day release a "version 2.0" that comes with the fire device pre-installed by the manufacturer, because that would easily resolve the issues everyone has been having with it, in my opinion.

  • by Shayden

    Jan 2017

    I love my Vader wallet! This is probably the last wallet I will ever purchase. It has everything you need to do a full routine, and it is taught excellently. All of the devices work phenomenally, and I can give it no fault! One problem, it didn't come with enough tape for the fire wallet section, but that was a shipping error, and not the fault of the product.

  • by Magic Orthodoxy

    Jul 2016

    This is my fourth magic wallet and certainly my last - finally a wallet that looks like a real wallet and can do some crazy magic! The himber chamber and the fire chamber are the same so you will need to pick which one you want, but other than that - this is high quality and the video is INSANE! Matthew gives you so much magic! This is so worth your money!