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    The quality of the thread is not good. I mean it's not practical. Its not worth $159. I want to return this product :-(
  2. Summary

    Disappointing quality....

    They make a big deal about how durable it is, but that is half true, because yes, the cylinder is great, but everything else is cheap plastic...
    my cap broke within a week, they send me new ones...great! and then the handles of the device broke too.

    The thing is that the effect is really amazing and on the go! but the preparation system and plastic quality just make me sad.
  3. Summary

    First off let me just say I love Ellusionist and they're products that they offer. The venom ITR is a dream when it functions. The metal chassis is wonderful as this will last you forever, you can tell the love they put into the production of the product, on the other hand there are a few caveats. When you work with ITR it will tangle or snag sometimes, that's just the nature of what your working with. Specifically there is one major design flaw in my opinion, being the plastic caps. As you use the device, you will need to remove the caps when a tangle occurs, this leads to the caps becoming loose (this is inevitable). As the caps become loose they do not sit tightly on top of the ITR, this in turn leads to more snags as the IT then slips under the loosened cap and under the ball bearing, causing you to have to remove the caps even more! This becomes a bit of a loop (pun intended). Ive found pulling the IT out and upwards, rather than downwards, can alleviate this. Anyways the company is based in France and although they offer replacement part kits in tiers (caps, bearings, etc.) if you are in America this will cost extra due to inflation and shipping. It is 19 euros (21USD) for two new caps/clips and bottom plastic pieces (They offer several different "kits" the cheapest being the "spare parts kit" which is the latter). Shipping is 25EU (28USD), on top of this they have a minimum purchase limit of 25EU. This is frustrating as you will just want to replace the caps but cannot purchase them as this does not exceed the limit, forcing you to spend more money. So if your caps loosen (which they will..) you are looking at, at least 56 dollars for plastic pieces. Now when it functions it is awesome, you truly feel as if you have telekinetic powers. It all depends on if it is worth it to you, I just wish I had some of this information before making a decision. Keep in mind this is a small company based out of France making specialty products for a small market so the overhead is probably quite a bit. One last tidbit is the thread that comes with the ITR is to my knowledge Fearson's X2 stage vectra, this is not listed anywhere and they offer thread replacement on their website in one of the accessory kits, so it will be cheaper to buy a spool of this elsewhere like amazon or such.
    So to recap... Awesome product, attention to detail, very fun and gets great reactions. If only the caps were constructed of something more durable like aluminum it would last quite a long time. It is alot of fun though :)