Venom by Magie Factory

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Customer Reviews

  • by JB

    Nov 2017

    Some what disappointed. What appears to be quality seems to have a weak spot, the top cap. Had one fail with in the first 60 days. Ellsionist did replace both reels in a timely manner but now I'm really afraid to put too much tension on the reels. I think that this is a weak point since Majie Factory is selling a replacement parts kit. Unfortunately the kit is not available in the U.S.

  • by James

    Nov 2017

    After long anticipation I received my Venom damaged from customs, contacted Elluionists and their amazing team responded within minutes and quickly shipped out replacement parts couldn't be happier with this company thank you!

    I'm new to ITR's and this gimmick is amazing, my only issue so far has been with the instructional video, as amazing as Arthur is at performing with Venom I'm finding extremely difficult to follow with the language barrier and delays in motions as he's having difficulty putting together what he's trying to say (call Chris Ramsey he's great at explaining tricks :p) overall great product!

  • by Mark

    Nov 2017

    Overall the teaching is okay, effects are good and fun to play with, however for the ITR itself, even though you get 2 of them I still don't think it is really worth 160$ TBH. Also I'm not sure if it's just me, but the thread gets easily tangled when it is going back to the reel, I had to fix it like every 5 uses since afterwards thread gets stuck and I can't get it out. And as stated in a previous review, you have to tie the 2 reels together which is not a big problem, but they do offer only a very small amount of thread for something that get tangled so often. I'd probably just stick with Yigal's products though.