Venom by Magie Factory

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Customer Reviews

  • by Jannekeyn

    Apr 2018

    For having tried a number of ITR I think I can say that it is probably the best on the market. The quality is irreproachable and the content of the DVD is incredibly rich.

  • by Ivan

    Apr 2018

    The product is very high quality but it should be considered light condition because it is very visible it. It is better to use it in dark places. Odyssey is better for performing in any light environment.

  • by David

    Feb 2018

    I am still playing around with it and getting to grips. The videos and routines are really well put together. It is light sensitive as most threads are but this more so. However, it is a lot stronger so I was expecting it to be visible. It's just a case of messing around and also don't be to afraid of your spectator seeing it because you can. At the end of the day they don't know what they are looking at i.e. what you are going to do