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Customer Reviews

  • by Brooks

    Jun 2018

    The only way I can talk about Venom is to go over the pros and cons I’ve experienced with it.
    Pro 1) Instant Reset. You do your effect and when done... BAM!!! Your back to the starting point. It stays out of your way when not using it and can be ready to go instantly.
    Pro 2) Simple. The inside of the device is laid out very simply and maintenance on it is remarkably simple. Can sometimes be tedious but it’s simple.
    Pro 3) Thread is stronger than normal. So more bold effects are now much easier.
    Pro 4) The effects that become possible with what you get are amazing. ITR Magic never looked this sexy...until now

    Now the cons...

    Con 1) Thread sometimes doesn’t wanna pull out of the device. Tips are offered to fix this. Still wanted to mention it.
    Con 2) Noise. Actually the device is very quiet. But recently I’ve noticed I hear is a little more then normal. Shouldn’t be a issue unless I’m in a perfectly quiet room.
    Con 3) Sometimes fixing the device when something goes wrong on the inside con be frustrating when it happens often. But it isn’t the end of the device. It can be reset after whatever happens. Just wish it wasn’t happening as often as it does. It probably won’t happen as often it you don’t do it over and over. Do like 2 or 3 tricks with venom and then just step aside and make sure all is still good with it.

    Final review. It’s an amazing device. As far as I know it’s the best ITR out there. I recommend getting Venom if you want to explore a new frontier in ITR magic. The instruction videos are easy to follow and the steps to do the effects are simple and fun. I’m glad I own venom. It is what we have all been waiting for.

  • by Jimmy

    Jun 2018

    Propably the best ITR ever. The quality is at the top in the market. The IT is slightly thicker than others and gets tangled sometimes. I'm still working on choosing the elastic and IT so as to optimize the ITR. I love the ideas taught in the video. Overall it's a great buy. You will be in love with the finest quality they provided.

  • by Robbie

    May 2018

    I was reluctant buying this as it was so expensive but thought I may as well because it's a one time purchase. I was not disappointed! Impeccable quality device. Amazingly taught DVD, very in-depth. You're taught how to completely customise the device to suit your personal needs. Would highly recommend buying.