Venom by Magie Factory

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  • by David

    Feb 2018

    I am still playing around with it and getting to grips. The videos and routines are really well put together. It is light sensitive as most threads are but this more so. However, it is a lot stronger so I was expecting it to be visible. It's just a case of messing around and also don't be to afraid of your spectator seeing it because you can. At the end of the day they don't know what they are looking at i.e. what you are going to do

  • by Brandon

    Jan 2018

    As far as mechanical ITRs go, Venom is by far the best. That being said it is not without its faults. If this is your first time using an ITR you are going to break some thread learning this, but Venom is mostly better than its competitors at allowing you retrieve/ fix the broken thread. It's still a little difficult, but much more easy than most other systems. How much tensions you apply to the thread and how much tension is built up in the reel itself, will also determine how much or little it will break the thread. Magie Factory does not ship to the US and Ellusionist does not carry any replacement thread, so you will need to pick up a different type from another supplier. Vectra and Vectra X2 seem to be the most popular, with Vectra X2 being more similar to the Venom thread in strength, but also being more visible than the original Vectra thread. The maintenance tutorial for Venom is oddly placed at the last parts of the video instructions and you will need to watch that, so you can retrieve/ fix the broken thread, and any other maintenance that might need to be done. The caps on it, that you have to take off to retrieve the thread,are also and they broke just trying to take them off. Fortunately, Ellusionist was very quick and courteous with sending some replacement caps. Any other parts break though and you may be screwed as, again you will not be able to get them from either Ellusionist or Magie Factory. As far as the tricks go, most of what you see is what you get apart from one thing. Without giving too much away if you want to move bottles and do the ring stop or do the haunted deck and move a shot glass, then you will apparently need two (a total of 4) Venoms. If not you will have to choose which hookup you want to use, it will be one or the other. The tutorials taught by Arthur are really well done. He uses a white visible thread during the tutorials, so that you can visually how he is interacting/manipulating the thread and he also has a over the shoulder/performers view. Overall it's a great product and the tricks look like camera tricks,but given how you'll be stuck if a part breaks . . . .not sure it's really worth $159.

  • by Kristen

    Jan 2018

    I have not had this a long time yet, but I can tell it is very good quality, except 2 things, 1 : The thread gets tangled in the reel every few minutes if your constantly doing the effects with no break in between, though that could be solved with getting used to the device. 2 : It is hard to get the cap off to get out the tangles, I had to use pliers, which I think loosened the cap so now there is a bit of noise, but otherwise it is a great buy!