Washington by Cody Nottingham

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This will destroy everything you know about object through bill...

Named after the first President of the United States, Washington is a simple, direct and easy effect using a single playing card & a single bill.

Watch as a playing card melts through the centre of the Commander-in-Chief on a $1 bill. Fading through the fibres.

Cody Nottingham is back with Ellusionist to tackle one of magic's most re-visited plots. Showing everything 360 degrees, front & back, the entire way through his performance.

- No flaps
- No extra pieces
- Use any paper bill or receipt

Download today.

Format: Download
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 10 minutes
Extra Info: This does not work with plastic currency. (eg Canadian or Australian bills)

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  1. Summary

    this was awful the gimmick dosen't work buy melt it costs more but is worth it :(
  2. Summary

    great product for only $6 it is really worth it. its not angle sensitive I have done it at a 360 degree angle. I have gotten great reactions.
  3. Summary

    A must buy! Get exactly what it says on the tin and an awesome price.