Last year we gave someone the chance to win $1million.

The reason it meant a lot for us to be able to offer a chance at that $1million prize, was that we at Ellusionist had just passed our 1 millionth customer. That’s a huge milestone.

Like previous promotions in E’s history, the big winner was to fly to our creative summit and have a chance at finding the ace of spades in a deck. Hit it and WIN BIG.

As we made clear, this was always a ‘chance’. We worked with a leading promotional company that works with Ford, AT&T, UPS, Budweiser, Chevrolet etc... to design a game and give guaranteed odds against this prize.

They handled the game to ensure we didn’t just palm in an ‘Ace’ to help our customers win (we would of loved to do that... and you know that we could.)

Across the years we’ve had lots of fun, given away tens of thousands of dollars in prizes, but it never seemed completely satisfying to give people a ‘chance’ when it came to the Grand Prize.

Never was this more true than when we designed the $1million prize. We knew after we gave this particular chance, we’d have reached the limit for these kinds of games in our industry. It was the last time we wanted to offer it and the last time other competitors would be able to also.

We listened to the resounding feedback from fans. They didn’t want 1 person to win a chance. They wanted smaller, guaranteed gifts for all.

Tens of thousands of our dollars has been converted into wristbands that unlock free tricks, downloads, rare decks and the GRAND PRIZE, which has a cash value and is guaranteed to be received by the person who gets the Red Madison wristband.

No chances… just prizes.


After multiple scheduling conflicts, 2 of our staff going to start Youtube careers and our contact at the third-party company being promoted internally, we finally settled on a date to run this game.

It’s Tuesday, this 21st of November 2017 in Hollywood, CA. 

The man who won the chance to play for the $1million is called Hunter, a special effects pro who bought a Pyro Mini. You may have seen his work before. For legal reasons we won’t share his full name or where he is from.

On that day at 1pm, he will take his chance. If he hits it, he’ll walk away a millionaire. If he doesn’t, we’ll hook him up with lots of sweet E-swag as a consolation prize.

The entire thing will be filmed and we’ll be happy to show you once the promotion has concluded via our various social media channels. Let's all wish him luck! 


Those who didn’t get the chance Hunter has were able to receive thousands of tier prizes across all qualifying orders during our Holiday promotion. Things like FREE Downloads, Madison Select Box Sets & Pyro Mini’s.

As the industry leader, we’ve seen our competitors in the Magic industry copying our tier prize system. The more you spend, the more prizes you get.

Ironically as more and more of our competitors are copying something we've run for years, we’re scrapping it. It’s Ellusionist’s responsibility to constantly be the innovator within this industry.

When we sat down in LA this year at a summit to design our Holiday contest, we wanted something more powerful.

One thing, above all, stood out to us from the past... Those who are loyal Ellusionist customers will remember this. 

We decided to bring back the wristband game, with a twist. A game which levels the playing field for any order over $50. Now customers don’t have to spend $500+ to unlock top prizes. Everyone has an equal chance at all prizes as the wristbands are ALL random and hidden inside silver packets at the warehouse.

This adds mystery back into our community, something that seems to be disappearing within Magic in recent years, and we’re happy to bring back that element and have fun with it this Holiday season.

This Christmas is all about you. So, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays,


P.s. Any order over $1 at Ellusionist from now until December 31st 2017, will receive Spectrum by Lloyd Barnes, Geraint Clarke & Duane Williams. 3 hyper-visual tricks with incredible methods. That way, we’re able to say thank you to EVERYONE.