White Aurelians

White Aurelians
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Based on the leader of the Roman Empire, Aurelians are the most detailed deck we've ever designed.


The premium box is coated in gold foil, leaking into multiple layers of embossing... Taking center stage above anything else that could fit in your pocket.


Inside the box you'll find gold oak leaf detailing that resembles the Emperor's Civic Crown.


The cards inside are smooth-cut and fully customized with deep detail.


Each fresh look uncovers a new secret.

Printed on Luxury-pressed E7 stock, we had to experiment with different weights of metallic ink to create this modern artifact.


Smooth, thin & oozing with class.


Get your Aurelians TODAY.


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  1. David

    I’m a big fan Roman Architecture so I really liked the back design of these cards. Unfortunately, not many of the cards are fully custom, the courts are just recolors and the red cards are weirdly black for some reason. But looking closer at the deck, I actually noticed a Whole bunch of hidden secrets that completely changed my perspective! Apart from all the Roman references, which I’m sure many other people have commented upon, there’s also a Ton of cool reveals! There’s a 9 of clubs reveal on the King of Diamonds, a 9 of Spades reveal on the King of Spades’ sword, another 9 of spades reveal on the Ace of Spades ( also with numbers 7 & 9 inside the spade for some reason?), and a Jack of clubs and yet another 9 of spades reveal on the front of the tuck box on the sides of the diamond shape. I don’t believe any other people have mentioned these, and I’m Totally baffled as to why they didn’t advertise the reveals - would have been a selling point for me! Anyway, I’m just trying to put this out there!
    Also, yes, they fell amazing and handle great, and, yes, I’m pretty sure I’ve found all of the card reveals ( Jack of clubs has a GC on his chest- don’t know why?) but that’s pretty much it for this amazing deck of cards!
  2. Aljoscha

    A classic which does not disappoint. No shiny gold foil is used on the cards themselves but that only improves the performance of the deck.
    Right out of the post the box still looks as if it was sent directly by Zar Igor.
  3. Summary

    The detail in this deck is incredible. I notice not only to the inscriptions on the back but also along with the Aurum Est potestas which means "gold is power" which is also my motto. Though I notice the lines on the back are spears however if u look closely enough u will see a pentagram(nothing semantic though as they have other meanings) or separate them to the original biblical meaning the pointed triangle being the symbol for male "The blade" and the down-pointing one being for woman "The chalice." This fits right into the roman empire as they were the ones who had this symbol before it was united into the holy roman empire in the time of the pagans for the templars which were fuelled by the Prairie of Sion. U can see 8 templar crosses along with the number 214 and 275 those were two templar knights number's who fought in the crusades of the holy land and protesters of the holy grail. Also, the center design could represent the dome of Hedvig Eleonora Kyrka church. with the sun in the center. But back to the cards, I think they are great and feel great. Maybe I went way too in-depth but it was fun.
  4. Josh

    I enjoy the style of these pips, slightly narrower font than standard bikes, and gold ink used in the court cards is something I hope to see lots more of. Feel to the cards is top notch. Too new to judge durability/longevity, but I’m anticipating it will meet or exceed my standards in that regard. I have to stress that I love the gold ink, now can we please see something elegant/gold ink AND readers? Love the gold knights, but suit markings are different or absent compared to reds. Also, I’ve seen lots of rider-back looking items, but really nothing classy and with a complete and discreet marking system. I understand the glare may create difficulty reading them, but there is an unfilled opportunity in this idea. Bring it to life, please.
  5. Summary

    Amazing quality and supreme air cushioning. I highly recommend this deck!