Royal Reserve Playing Cards

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Automatically get a FREE BLACK PRIVATE RESERVE DECK with every 12 original Reserves purchased.

Known to tens of thousands by his alias @Lost_Angelus, Jeremy Griffith has dominated the tabled magic scene for years. 

An underground phenom who showcases secret techniques with precision and grace. 

Royal Reserve is a collaboration between Jeremy & Ellusionist. 

Taking the Repulic V2 as it's foundation, a new legacy was built from the ground up. 

Like the fit of a well-tailored suit, Royal Reserve not only makes you feel better... They make you want to be better.

The custom tuck is laced with gold foil and cloaked with an elegant red band,
reminiscent of fine whisky.

Striking, powerful & expressive

The stock is skilfully crushed stock by the United States Playing Card Company, granting a smoother touch. 

Head-turning good looks paired with functionality for the card table experts.

What are those? A Gentleman never tells. 

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  1. Summary

    The design of these cards, most notably the pips is very elegant. The exterior of the tuck case is beautiful. However, aside from the gorgeous design there doesn't appear to anything particularly special here. The card stock thickness and texture is about equal to Killer Bees. The tuck case stock is thin and flimsy (thinner that Killer Bee and standard bikes). The reason this is a 3 instead of a 4 star rating is The back design is not centered on all the cards making for uneven borders (Keepers come to mind). Quality control seems to be an issue these days at Ellusionist. I really wanted these to live up to the hype, I even bought two bricks, but I'm afraid the truth is these are barely above average.
  2. Summary

    Amazing, it is the best quality ever and the design is so cool!
  3. Summary

    This deck is expensive as it should be. And not in a "it is discontinued so the price is jacked up on eBay" type of way. It is expensive because this deck is 100% class from top to bottom.

    The tuck case is hands down the best quality I've ever seen. It is pure elegance. The crushed stock that this gorgeous deck is made out of will be apparent to all workers and performers.

    This deck of cards makes you come up to it's standard. You should be at a certain skill level to appreciate all the fine intricacies that went into creating this work of art.

    As someone who performs 90% of the time with custom decks, I cannot express enough what a home run this is by Jeremy and E. Great job all around guys!
  4. Summary

    Awesome! These cards are eye-catching, but not too conspicuous. Tuck case definitely feels very premium and is very classy. Stock feels super smooth and super thin, so far loving this deck :) (Faros are effortless)