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Shuffle a deck, have a card selected and you've just started what will become the most talked about effect for a long time. Use an ordinary piece of wire to divine a spectator's selected card, and no one will be able to figure out how you did it.

 Use a little hot liquid to trigger the wire, or attract attention and use flash paper to reveal the card. Bar magicians even use alcohol and a match to finish the effect. How's that for a stunning card trick!

You can use wiregrams over and over again. People will often want you to "do it again" so we recommend getting more than one for the times this happens. They'll never be able to figure out how you did it, and it will look like real magic.

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  1. I fooled my sister with it and she fell for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wiregarm is a convinient and convincing trick Buy it!
  2. Sleight problem.. but good.

    When i got this i was amazed by how 1 bit of wire could do something so amazing. I got such good reactions.. until after about the 15th time i used the gimmick, the gimmick stopped working fully... the 8 of hearts didnt form as well as it should. But Ellusionist are so good, they are shipping me a new one. This may have been just bad luck. YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS!
  3. Crazy Awesome

    The price for each was a bit high, but besides that, one of the best tricks I have ever purchased.

    When done properly, everything can be examined, before and after the effect, and you might not even need to do any switches. This is an effect for both beginners, and intermediate-advanced performers. Far as I'm concerned, this is a great mentalism effect, as well as for geek magic.

    I recommend Wiregrams to everyone, and all of them are worth it, for repetition purposes. I have been considering buying this for over 5ive years, and I do not regret in the least that I finally got it. =D