It’s Sunday Afternoon. Someone has broken into the Ellusionist warehouse in California and stolen all of our playing cards and magic tricks.

Jump in Brad’s Camaro and hunt them down!

Follow the trail and collect Ellusionist boxes but be careful of obstacles on the road.

Pick up every deck you see on the road for added fuel.

Collect Pizza to gain valuable life and heal from near fatal collisions.

But hurry! Without any stock to sell Ellusionist won’t be able to deliver everyone’s packages.

Ellusionist buyers can submit their scores to a global leaderboard - going head to head with other customers. With the highest scores unlocking incredible prizes.

This Holiday season is in your hands.

Can you save Christmas?


Ellusionist Purple King Slayer

A brick of Violet King Slayers

The King Slayer believes there's beauty in brutality. So this smooth violet shade shows off the softer side of power. One lucky winner will walk away with a brick (12) of this deck. Shipped completely on the house.

With only 1,000 printed it's likely that this photo will be as close as most people ever get to owning this deck.


Free Shipping for One Year

Free Shipping for One year

Shipping fees are a drag, but without our own postal service, they are a necessary evil. But maybe not for YOU.

One lucky winner will get their Ellusionist shipping bill paid for an entire year. No matter the cost. 12 tokens unlock 12 invidiual months of free shipping that you can use or share with friends.


1 Year Access to Magicstream

1 Year Pass to

Stream unlimited tricks, sleights and routines that enhance your magic. Priced at $100, this annual pass is worth over 10x the price, but one lucky winner will walk away with it for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The best deal in magic just got even better.


144 Rare E Team Decks

144 Rare
E Team Decks

Printed for Ellusionist staff members only, a small number of these decks were used in a promotion years ago. Fetching crazy sums of money per deck on eBay. This can't be defined as rare because we don't sell it. It's better than rare, it's EXCLUSIVE... and one winner will receive 144 of them straight to their door. Courtesy of Santa Bradley.


Spectator<br> Reaction Kit

Reaction Kit

Popularized by magician Matthew Knight, we've been collecting insane reaction footage for our trailers using nothing but a GoPro and a chest-mount. With this simple set-up you'll be on the right vantage point from the moment they pick a card.


1 Hour Private Session from E Team Member

1 Hour Private Session from E Team Member

Imagine how far along you'd be in your career if you could learn from those already living your dream. This is a one-time only opportunity to have a 1-on-1 private tuition from ANY Ellusionist staff member... Including Brad.

Ask anything you want and uncover industry secrets. A recording of this call will be given to you, to re-watch whenever you like.


1 Year Supply of Free Pizza

1 Year Supply of Free Pizza

In our new game "The Ellusionist Xmas Heist" pizza will help you recover from damage, so we HAD to make Pizza a prize this year. Afterall, pizza IS life.

Inspired by the creative fuel of Ellusionist's own Lloyd Barnes, we wanted to give one winner a years supply of Pizza. At least 1 Pizza per week for an entire year. 52 Pizzas or as many as you can get for $1,040.


$1000 Ellusionist Shopping Spree

$1000 Ellusionist Shopping Spree

You have 15 minutes to checkout and a $1000 to spend. What would you buy? This fast-paced prize can be yours. For one lucky winner, we'll give you $1,000 gift card and free reign to buy anything we sell at Ellusionist. You could fully stock up on cards or refresh your entire repertoire without ever having to touch your own wallet.


13" MacBook

A 13 inch screen Macbook

Perfectly spec’d and ready to shop our store, one lucky winner will walk away with a new Apple Macbook (You choose the color). Used by every memeber of the creative team here at Ellusionist, use this essential piece of kit to level up your overall magic game in 2020.


Get Your Own Deck Designed

Get your own deck deisgned

Actors dream of broadway, Athletes dream of standing at the highest point on the podium and magicians dream of having their name on their very own deck of cards.

Our Xmas Heist top scorer will get to work with the legendary Oban Jones to design and develop a deck of cards for them. A limited run will be produced and our customers will be able to buy YOUR deck, with a full gross (144 decks) delivered for free to your doorstep. This will be your claim to fame.

Last years winner was Joshua Ray, a California native who worked with Oban to capture his personality in the new TINKER DECK (on sale here). Joshua performs mostly close-up card magic, mixed with a little parlour and stage.

His real passion is performing for younger audiences and seeing their imaginations run wild.

As a modern-day renaissance man, Joshua's passions include "guitar, singing, songwriting, woodworking, gardening, juggling, writing, computer coding, knitting and of course, magic." Josh likes to tinker with everything. To create from nothing.

Get a full gross of your deck when printed

His passion for the traditionally-whimsy take on playing cards inspired the Tinkers. He loves green decks, so it was important for us to capture some 'green' elements in his design for him.

His passion for spreading child-like wonder inspired the jokers. While the backs capture a workshop of a true 'maker'.

Tinkers are for those who are always creating from nothing, whether it be magic or something entirely unique.

"Thanks again for letting me be a part of this. The deck turned out great, and I am excited to share it with the guys at our magic Jams!... Thanks again for this experience!"
- Jousha Ray on working with to create his own deck.