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XB2 destroys the traditional thoughts of manipulation. De'vo vom Schattenreich outdid himself on XB1, which sold 1000's and became a staple for anyone wanting to psycho-charge their card manipulation skills. Now, he's setting the bar higher in XB2. Not only is he evolving XCM Card Manipulation again, but he's added Card Throwing, Pen Spinning and the ever-cool Dice Stacking in this packed two DVD set packed with 3 hours of material and a ton of artists.
  • De'vo vom Schattenreich - XCM God / World Record Holder (XCM / Basic Dice Stacking)
  • Jerry Cestkowski - "The Flourishman" (XCM)
  • Daniel Madison - Killer Underground Artist (XCM)
  • Robert Heim - Germany's Top Pen Spinner - (Pen Spinning)
  • Ciappi - Ulmen Trials Competitor - (XCM)
  • Rick Smith Jr. - Card Throwing World Record Holder- (Card Throwing)
  • Angela Funovits - from NBC's "Phenomenon" (Host)
Never before has such a diverse group of manipulators been assembled to create such an incredible DVD, packaged in classic Handlordz production style galore.

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  1. Great

    This DVD is a great way for XCMers to learn some new cuts. The cuts on this DVD are NOT for beginners. It also consists of a video of Jerry Cestowski doing a basic flourishing routine from XB1 so I recommened getting XB1 also so you can learn the routine. XB2 also has a penspinning section. Now, i am not a penspinner but the section looks like it is for beginners. The artist goes into great detail for you to learn the moves. Another section of the DVD is De'vos Dice Stacking. It is a very cool techinique combining some basic flourishes to stack dice. Overall, this DVD is a great way to improve flourishing and is also a great DVD to have in your collection. I hope you buy this DVD and watch it.
  2. Dropping cards with my mouth open

    When I was watching this preview, I was still practicing a move from XB1, the Flash Drei Impossible Stack Close. I saw Daniel Madison do all of those crazy cuts, which looked pretty damn cool. And when he shows you it was a false shuffle, I just sat there, dropping cards with my mouth open. This DVD is INSANE!
  3. Insane. This set is to die for.

    I'm privileged to know a number of the people featured in the set. When De'vo told me it was coming out, I was pretty excited. Now that I have it, I'm fixated on the pen spinning (and Angela, but that's another story!). To add that kind of manipulation to the mixed is pure genius in my view. What an incredible compilation of diverse artists!

    James L. Clark