Zen by Luke Dancy

Downloadable Video
There are tricks and then there are the moves that make them happen. In Zen Luke Dancy breaks down 2 new utility moves that can be used together or stand on their own as part of your other routines.

In this demonstration of Zen Luke has a card selected which then incredibly finds its way back to the top of the deck and is seen to correctly match a prediction that's been sitting out in the open all along.

In this download Luke goes with the flow and shares the inner workings on these 2 utility moves that are based around being natural and in the moment.

With a focus on catching people off guard with the things they already know Zen will help you to experience a new way of looking at the routines and moves that you already use.

Kick back, relax and get Zen with Luke...

Customer Reviews

  • by Jacob Jones

    Apr 2016

    One of the 2 moves is INCREDIBLY obvious to anyone paying even slight attention, and is CLEARLY visible in the trailer. Not really happy with this one. I saw the 'move', and I was thinking it didn't matter because he says 'It doesn't really matter where you stop' and he was just doing a sloppy demo, but no, that was the actual move, clear as day.