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There are hundreds of items penetrating other objects effects out there, so what makes Ziplocked any different? For starters, your spectator can hold the bag. When the magic happens in their hand's, you'll double the reactions.

We also included a version where you can actually 'throw' the object (or signed coin) through thin air into the bag.Yet another first in close up magic. As seen in the demo, the coin literally flies through the air to end up in a sealed Ziplock bag.

Borrow any coin and have your spectator sign it, better yet, borrow their ring, or their house key. Blow up a Ziplock bag. have your spectator hold the neck of the back, and with a light flick, send that object through the walls of the plastic into the bag for the world to see.

They can visually see and feel the object clearly inside.

• No switches or duplicates
• No magnets, threads, or sticky stuff
• Use a regular Ziplocked bag
• Easy to learn , easy to perform
• Use signed coin or borrowed small objects

As clever as it is simple, Ziplocked had a profound impact on the street and has been in Rob's working repertoire since inception. Give it a try.

Difficulty: Beginner
Run-time: 19 minutes
Format: Download

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  1. Summary

    Honestly, I wanted to like this and I feel bad for bashing it, but this is something you'd do on the playground in Grade 4, and even then you'd probably get well and truly busted doing it. This isn't something a working magician should bother with. There are plenty of other tricks in this price range on here that you'd be better off spending your money on. Most of what's here is working around the very sub-par method and its the furthest thing from a clean ending.
  2. Summary

    This effect is pretty good if you learn to handle and carry the bag like an everyday item. Carry your cards and a other items in it like you use it to protect them from getting dirty or wet. The bag becomes secondary. The effect looks great. It is a little knacky. I actually had trouble finding bags like you really want for this effect. That being said you will want to have good spectator management skills just to keep the grabbers down to a minimum. However you can direct people into looking at the wrong area with some well placed statements if you do allow some scrutiny of the bag. This is easy and can be strong performed at the right time and for the right audience. Pick your performances and you should do fine.
  3. Summary

    Not a bad buy for $9, but I must say I was a little disappointed. I assumed it would be a "borrow some objects and do an effect" type of thing, but I jumped to conclusions. The ending isn't as clean as I'd like, but the effect looks really good when done correctly. Just like any product, it has it's pros and cons. All in all, my advice would be to spend your $9 on something else on ellusionist.
  4. Summary

    Very open trick with great applaude from audience

  5. Summary

    This is the kind of trick you really need to have good control over your spectators to perform. I prefer tricks that are more transparent and have a quick cleanup so spectators can examine things... I feel like that heightens the reaction, when they can touch it and not know how it was done. You can't really do that with this trick. I can see it being a good closer for a small crowd that isn't to 'grabby.' Not for everyone.
  6. Summary

    I thought it was a good effect which it is but the method is kinda noticeable but I have shown so many RANDOM people from like walmart,gas stations places like that.I can tell you I never leave home with out it .
  7. Summary

    This is a cool trick. The effect looks really cool itself and gets good reactions if performed well. Like many of the other reviews, I agree that this trick is not worth ALL of the 9.95 but it is worth the majority of it. This trick has an interesting setup but I find that the trick, for me, doesn't work the majority of the time and takes a some practice to get perfect. Beside all of that, this is a really cool trick.
  8. Summary

    At first I was really excited!! When I bought it, trust me, it isn't the same easy as it looks. The set up is really easy but when it comes to perform it it's not that easy and it doesn't always works. Although it needs a lot of practice, it's a really good and effective magic trick. I recommend it!
  9. I like the Trick and the Challenge

    This is nice. I read the other reviews and I personally like the method. While the suggested lean up can bite you if not done well, I like the idea of ripping the bag at the end to get the ring out. I pull the bag out of my lunch box and have instant credibility.The first time I did it I bounced the quarter off the bag. So I adjusted a bit for "better vibes" and and nailed it. I also like the Susan B gold dollar for the visual impact and the weight. No regrets.
  10. awesome but not perfect

    overall awesome trick I perform it all the time and its a great effect. But sometimes when I practice the coin rebounds off of the bag :)but I guess that is just my lacking of ability over all I am getting my moneys worth